• Football and Covid 19

    by Jim D.

    Last March in 2020, we were in lockdown. All schools were closed and every athletic activities too. Unfortunately, football practice stopped and all the children in football academies had to stay at home. Many games that started later (cups, championships and friendly matches) were in empty stadiums without fans. All the football players had to do the covid test before every game. In October, I had a few football practices and a saw my co-players and my coaches. Now, we are again in lockdown and I have my football practice at home every Tuesday and Thursday on line but of course it’s not the same. My wish is to start football again and to see my friends and my coaches.

  • Dance!

    by Christine A.

    Dance is a way to express your true feelings. Close your eyes, turn on the music and without realizing it you start moving your body. Suddenly, all the fear and anxiety go away. Many people believe that dance is a language to communicate with. I will say it’s a lot more than that. While I’m dancing a new world shows up in front of my eyes. A magic world with colorful pictures following my lead in a cool choreography. Some people believe that they cannot dance. Have you tried it? You might not be a professional dancer but all you need to do is shake your body. Guess what, if you are in a party and you start doing that you are actually dancing! Some people try to dance focusing on the great technic that they must have but I suggest you should start with baby steps and take it slowly. It was not for me easy either when I first started that hobby. At first, I had to understand the music the message of the lyrics so that I could express the same message with my moves. Then, I wanted to become better and learn more awesome moves, so I tried practicing my technic. As you understand, now it is not as hard as it was when I first started dancing. Then I wanted to jump into other kind of dances. I did for a while hip hop then modern dance later Latin and now I am having Zumba lessons. To sum up, dance is a kind of hobby in which you need to have free time for. At first it is not easy but if you work hard, you can be a great dancer. Just remember the reason why you want to learn dancing, focus on achieving your goal and the rest will come. That is what I did to believe in me and call myself a dancer!

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