Six years ago, we started our journey with enthusiasm and passion in the city of Vyronas, Attica, Greece. Since then, every day at our school is a unique experience! For our students, for our teachers … for all of us! Every day, we feel the magic of teaching and learning more and more! Every day, we set goals that our students reach, no matter if they are kids, teenagers or adults! We are ready to face new challenges. We are ready to share great moments. We are ready to create a new world for all of you! The So easy world of communication and success!

Last year we launched The So easy Times printed form. This year we create our blog aiming at making it an every day thriling experience with a loyal following. Looking forward to sharing our passions and explore what excites and interests you as well.

Gina Roupaka
School Director - So Easy Vyronas
" Be different. Be fun. Be creative. Be daring. Be yourself and change the world! "

Special thanks to our teachers, Mrs Natasha Kaffe and Mrs Stella Kotsilopoulou.

Recent Articles

Articles written by our students!

  • Majestic Barcelona

    by Frank V.

    A future trip you should do , is to travel to Barcelona. Barcelona is a city located in northeastern Spain. The climate is warm even in...

  • Dance!

    by Christine A.

    Dance is a way to express your true feelings. Close your eyes, turn on the music and without realizing it you start moving...